Care & Maintenance

Care & Maintenance - New View Resurfacing, Inc - 6_1After allowing at least 14 days* for curing, your new surface is ready to be cleaned. To prolong the life of the new finish please follow the cleaning and maintenance steps below.
*During the 14 day curing period, a clean soft towel or cloth can be used to wipe the new surface.
We recommend the following cleaners be used (after the 14 day curing period) with a soft cloth or sponge for best results.

Recommended Cleaners:

  • Any clear mild dish washing liquid
  • Fantastik®
  • Formula 409®
  • Windex®
  • Glass Plus®
  • Mr. Clean® Top Job
  • Lysol® Disinfectant Foam

The following may damage your refinished surfaces:

  • DO NOT use steel wool or abrasive sponge pads.
  • DO NOT use products that are high in alkaline.
  • DO NOT use abrasive cleaners such as Ajax or Comet.
  • DO NOT use products containing bleach or any form of acid.
Care & Maintenance - New View Resurfacing, Inc - bathtub-rust-stain-careStains • Rust • Sharp Objects
It is possible you will damage the finish with improper use of acid-bearing compounds like drain openers and tile grout cleaners. Any harsh chemical should be avoided from coming into contact with a refinished surface. Hair dyes should never be used on a refinished surface. Do not hang clothing to dry that could bleed stains on the bathtub. Never wash a large animal in the resurfaced tub or sink. Avoid storing objects directly on surface, such as shaving cream cans, which may form rust stains.
Leaky Faucets
Constant water leaking from your faucet or shower-head may cause the finish to crack or peal.
NO Rubber Bath Mats!
Bathmats with suction cups will produce a reaction with the finish and will cause premature failure of your refinished bathtub. We recommend using a bathmat that does not have suction cups and removing after each use. We do offer a non-skid additive to our products at an additional cost. Please contact us and ask about our installation of a permanent bath mat.
Your service technician will be happy to answer any other questions you may have. We also will provide you with this information upon job completion.

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