Bathtub Refinishing Metro Detroit | 517.263.9171 - 7_1 Homeowners, apartment managers, and the hospitality industry are enjoying the economical benefits of refinishing their bathroom fixtures.

Bathtub Refinishing

Bathtub Refinishing Metro Detroit | 517.263.9171 - bathtubrefinish
If your bathtub is worn, chipped, or the color is outdated , refinishing is a cost effective alternative to revitalize your bathroom at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Ceramic Tile Refinishing

Bathtub Refinishing Metro Detroit | 517.263.9171 - ceramictilerefinishing
With our refinishing process, a protective non-porous barrier will be applied to the surface. Refinishing your ceramic tile will actually seal in grout lines, providing an easy to clean high gloss finish.

Bathtub & Surround

Bathtub Refinishing Metro Detroit | 517.263.9171 - custpic_bathRefinishing your bathtub and surround together will upgrade your entire bathroom with minimal downtime. Our refinishing process may also be applied to countertops, fiberglass, sinks, and vanities. Standard colors are high gloss white and almond. If you provide us with a color sample our manufacture can match virtually any color to meet your decorative needs.

Bathtub Refinishing Process

Your bathtub will be cleaned with specialized cleaners. All dirt, soap scum, cleansers, dyes, and other contaminants will be removed. The existing plumbing fixtures and drain will be taped off or removed. The caulking will be removed between the tub and surround. Surrounding walls will be masked off for protection from the refinishing process. Any chips or other damages will be repaired at this time. Next we will mask off your bathroom with plastic to protect surfaces during the refinishing process. A bonding/priming agent will be applied. Finally a high gloss aliphatic acrylic urethane topcoat is applied. Upon completion, as much masking as possible will be removed. You will need to re-caulk the bathtub the following day prior to use.
During the process of refinishing, a ventilator will be placed in the room exhausting the fumes and overspray to a nearby window or doorway.
Why Refinish Vs. ReplacingBathtub Refinishing Metro Detroit | 517.263.9171 - repair
  • Less expensive
  • Takes only 1 day
  • No permits required
  • No need to hire a plumber
  • No tile damage due to tub removal
  • Not necessary to replace moldings, floor covering or take out walls in order to remove the old fixture
Call New View For All Your Resurfacing Needs. We will save you time and money. Why wait weeks when you can update your kitchen or bathroom in just one day?

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